THE Solution

Making better choices

Presently, I am committed to making better choices and my faith in God helps a lot. It is a guide for good living, it reminds me of the ever-present parent (my God) who actually lays down rules that are meant for good.

What I want to create is a way to get young girls (target: pre-teens) to have access to information that helps them make better choices. Better choices sexually, especially.

I stumbled upon this site which has great information on the theme.


There are so many ladies out there who have walked the walk and can vouch that unconscious/unintentional or as I’d like to call them careless sexual choices don’t only have zero benefits but they cause indescribable pain, in addition to the pain that normal life might come with. I call on you to reach out to me via the contact page of this website to blog. Be sure to share what you know to the pre-teens around you, in a spirit of love, if you find them lacking in sexual education.

Safe surfing?

Imagine introducing a concept to the pre-teens that put guardrails on the information they are exposed to. On the internet, in movies and why not, social media. Social media can be created and veered in the direction to encourage anti-cyberbullying, decent dressing in pics and positive encouragement between users.

What we are exposed to has a lot of influence on how we behave. I recommend these books, sites and movies for wholesome infotainment.

As for movies, I personally still fight the war of the choices of what to watch cos they influence my behaviour so much, what more of tweens? (Read my article on The Media and it’s influence)

Call to Action

  • If you are still reading up to this point, great! I will like to call you to action with me. I need you to blog, on this website if you have something to say about the issues outlined. Drop me a note on the contact page
  • I need you to comment and tell me what you think is a good way to go about these goals.
  • I need you to support in any of the unlimited ways you can support a cause like this.
  • And I also crave your encouragement, because this cause seems daunting.