The epidemic of making wrong choices sexually as a young adult for reasons ranging from lack of information, carelessness, misinformation and a general ignorance of the consequences of certain choices have caused me to decide to raise my voice against the lack of sexual education.

I am fed up with this cycle. I see many young girls today especially pre-teens and I think of them making their way through murky choices without adequate information. This tears me to my core. I stand for change, I stand for sexual education of pre-teens.

Teens and Pre-teens

At this impressionable age, it is prevalently seen that parents let the lack of courage/negligence make them ignore having a good sex talk with their kids.

Bad sources of information

One way or another every kid is going to learn about sex, form their own opinions and sooner or later in life practice the act. It is a huge part of our lives and one way or the other, the kid will get information about sex. But you may ask: What will be the quality or completeness of it?

Information could come from peers, potential partners, the internet, books, etc. But how sure are you that the information is right? Most of these sources have an agenda and it is risky to let your child’s sexual education be left to the wind.

Cool teens

Pre-teens need to know the real definition of cool. Which is not badly-behaved,  exams-flunking, disrespectful dressing or promiscuity. The new cool that needs to be upheld is respectful, well-kempt, chaste, studious, bold, compassionate….

What we expose kids to

Some TV shows, internet websites, books are really not what a kid who needs to make better sexual decisions should be exposed to.

Parents have a role to play in sexual education and it is hard to comprehend how/why such a vital role is neglected to such a large scale.

Especially in Africa, where I grew up, it seems kind of bad to talk about sex, but what is the reasoning behind that?

Sooner or later the kid will learn it all…. so better make it sooner and right.


4 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Sophia Atadana says:

    Hi my lovely sister,
    Its sophia from worldpulse. I am so glad we are connected. Thanks for the wonderful comments on my articles. I think it is not for nothing we are in touch but that its divine connection to support and encourage each other since our divine purpose seems to be against what the world thinks its ok. It is not easy ,but with God ,all things are possible and the world will soon be shaken because of us too.


      • Sophia Atadana says:

        Hi Iya, thanks very much for the websites. The last one about the books is in French. Hope you are doing wellLove, 

        Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


      • Audible.com There is an English version. You just have to change the language. Hey girl. Step up ur computer skills 😊


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