I became born again 9 years ago, in my college room when I watched a TV preacher and God touched my heart. But I can assure you that a Christian, as I was, with insufficient knowledge of who she is, who God is and what life is truly (as can be gotten only from the Bible) is probably more exposed to disaster than a non-believer. I started off so fervent in God, that I was even called a fanatic. But when things did not go as I wanted at that time, I began to struggle with my faith. I got sucked into a negative lifestyle of having boyfriends which I know did not glorify God because God is strongly against fornication. I just let myself go with the tide thinking that one day I will be able to fully serve God, maybe when I would no longer be faced with the temptation of fornication and was married so I was waiting for one day.
A good friend of mine convinced me to start serving God from where I was and I think that was the best advice but still I didn’t completely turn to God. The improvement was I found a living church and started expressing my love for God outwardly. I have always had a sincere desire to serve God. God is faithful, even when we are not 2 Timothy 2:13. I believe he saw in my heart the quest for righteousness and kept giving me the chance to come to Him. I finally took it and now the journey has gotten pretty intense. I plan to keep you posted because the gospel is not meant to be shut up and hidden. God bless you for reading



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