Why The Future Of Your Career Depends On Your Ability To Figure Things Out

In this new age, the hardest part of work does not entail the execution of tasks on a to-do list. There is a whole dimension that I will like to call “Figuring Out”.

Figuring out how things work, what your next strategic step will be, how to create, how to market, etc. This involves the ingenuity of illuminating some obscure part of our brain that can provide these answers.

The ability to be resourceful ie making resources available by trying many methods, and to be creative is the new “it” skill in this nowadays. Usually, a failure in any aspect one tries to accomplish is due to a lack of resourcefulness. Even when looking for a job, being resourceful is like a cherry on the cake. It is hard though to try EVERYTHING and still fail. Resourcefulness demands a lot but how much do you want the results?

A business has two main factors that push it; innovation and marketing. Even though we have books that guide on these, there still exists a great chasm of ambiguity and uncertainty that requires the undertaker to bravely figure out or come up with solutions before putting them to work.

This though, is the hardest part. Anyone can do tasks listed in a to-do list handed to them by a boss, but the part that escapes the majority of people and where I believe the real money lies, is in figuring out:

  1. The solution to a given problem and the tasks entailed in the solution
  2. The manner in which the task should be done to achieve maximum results and
  3. The list of to-do’s

The one who does the task of figuring out and he that executes the tasks define difficulty on totally different levels. And the difference is also stratospheric when it comes to the amount of money they are paid for their “work”.

The one that does the figuring out usually has less “work” but he is involved in a willingness to risk complete failure, to being uncertain about the outcome and taking all the responsibility for his delegation.

Average folk do what they are assigned to do. Excellent people figure out solutions to identified problems. Where do you fall? Mind you, both individuals face difficulty but like I said before, just on different strata.




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