Be a Value-Giver

Being kind is an act of selfishness, offering value and service to the world is an act of selfishness. I say this because people do it for the feeling that fills them when they offer service.

I can quote Bill Clinton and even Michelle Obama on this. These people attest to the fact that we are kind and give of ourselves, not only for the sake of helping others but for how it makes us feel. Have you ever helped a stranger in a situation of need without expecting or receiving anything in return? Then you understand what I am talking about, because you must have had an inner smile for this act of kindness!

It is a worthwhile pursuit to be of service. I have just released my first self-published book for teens titled Asha’s Letter: Sex Ed for Teen Girls and I am pretty excited that my experiences in life and lessons learnt are being put into service for my world.

The book is a fruit of lessons learnt from various mistakes in my sex journey. If you can think of an error, I have probably been in the pithole and it sucks. I don’t want a single teen who has the opportunity to learn how to be empowered to fall into ANY of these pitholes.

At a certain point in the not so distant past I felt like crap itself, when I thought about me. I have spinned the lenses I used to view myself and I am now in a position of thinking of my great mistakes as wonderful lessons which, like I said before, I can use to empower myself and serve from a position of indepth knowledge.

I am now enlightened, emboldened and I make choices that make me super proud of myself, in fact I am a new creature, like the Bible says! God played an indispensable role in renewing my mindset and He is still doing so.

My advice for you is, if you are not yet in tune with God, please do so ASAP and do so effectively to gain wonderful benefits all outlined in the Bible. He will help you make your service valuable in the world.



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