Learn the truth about making a vision work

The vision I have for my endeavours in causing sustainable change, be it with the youth or on how the media presents content is big and bulky. It needs to be shaped up and presented in a portfolio that says: look, here I am and this is the solution I am presenting to this problem.

This website right now may seem to be a mix of many of the ideas I have for the final product in my mind, but still, I strive to push forward.

Providing filtered content is my number one aim, which would help those who come online to get infotainment.

Being a trusted source of referral is the goal. I have my thinking cap on, I pray my readers are patient and follow me on this journey of creation.

According to Forbes, I need to make a plan that:

1. Describe why your company is relevant. What is the need being addressed?

2. Explain the overall state of the market and any important trends.

3. Explain why customers will buy your product or service.

4. Describe, in detail, who your customers are.

5. Explain who your current competitors are and their advantages.

6. Explain which competitors you will displace.

7. Describe your product offerings, how they compete with other brands and why they are needed.

8. Provide an overview of the various resources, including the people that will be needed to deliver what’s expected by the customer.

9. Describe corporate priorities and the processes to achieve them.

10. Included three thorough financial plans; one that’s conservative, one moderate and one optimistic, each with realistic and achievable sales revenues, margins, expenses and profits on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

All this will help me have a concise plan of action that will push me closer to the goals.


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