Writer’s Resistance: E-book for teens

“You give but little when you give of your posessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give” Kahlil Gibran

The worst kind of person to be is one who faces no resistance.

Who, like a spoilt child, goes through life having all their needs and whims granted to them. This, I think causes them to neglect the feelings of others and always seek to get their own way. I believe it is beneficial to push through and experience the struggle to get to a goal.

For this reason, I appreciate my present state; I am struggling. Struggling with the exposing task of writing a book, struggling on getting the perspective just right by connecting with the teens that have the need for my message.

I am glad for the motivation and support I am receiving from my community of family, friends and on the World Pulse Inc platform. This is especially after I wrote my intoductory article explaining the kind of value that my e-book will offer.

The process of writing has given me a new-found respect for writers and an appreciation of the process they go through to provide great content to us.

I am striving to present my work with great intention and I am honored to be on the writer’s path, hoping it is a successful one.

I struggle with my perspective. I ask myself: “Am I writing to be seen as susccessful or to reach the millions of girls out there who are in need of the knowledge I am sharing?”


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