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Why it Pays to Have a Great Perspective on Pre-teens and Masturbation

Did you know that little little children, I’m talking toddlers, masturbate? They giggle while touching their genitals or twist around while experiencing orgasm

(source Mayoclinic ) What is remarkable is the fact that they feel in total zero remorse (guilt or shame) for doing this. To them it is for pleasure and comfort, two motives that are 100% pure.

God judges from motives and not entirely actions. The Bible tells us that God wants us to be decent and have good morals 1 Cor 6:9-10. Then comes in the question of pornography; which to me is to be avoided to discourage those who propagate it.

Does God get angry with anyone who masturbates? This is a question that a lot of people struggle with. I wonder why the feelings of guilt and shame associate themselves so strongly with masturbation as a child grows older?

Consider this: it is a fact that any feeling  whatsoever can arise from wrong triggers or causes which may not be entirely true. Someone may feel guilt for eating chocolate or fatty food but that doesn’t make eating chocolate a bad thing. Imagine the feeling you might have if you receive a message (not meant for you) that your account was credited with a huge sum of money and later another message stating the actual truth. Feelings should not really have much weight in our lives. Feelings are flaky.

Feeling guilt and shame is a bad habit. I call it a habit because it can be cultivated and enforced by dwelling on the feelings. Energy flows where attention goes or;

"What you focus on expands" Oprah W.

The Truth about anything and everything is very important. Truth, plus wisdom make us sure. The Bible, which for me is the epitome of truth makes no mention about masturbation. Could it be that guilt/shame are tools the devil uses to beat us up?

The Healthy Children website clearly says:

“…masturbation is a part of normal human sexual experience, and chil­dren find it pleasurable. Assuming it is not excessive (not interfering with nor­mal routines, responsibilities, or play), elimination of masturbation may not be desirable.”

1 Corinthians 6:12 “All things are lawful… But I will not be a slave of anything”

Checking my Quora feed, I stumbled upon this question: “My pre-teen is always keeping his door locked. What does that mean?” Answer: “Your son is most probably masturbating; there is little or nothing you can do to stop him. Make sure though, you don’t make him feel guilty for it, take some time to be introspective and chose your perspective about it.” (Rephrased)

So my question is:

Is masturbation a solution, band-aid or is it just another way to fall into the devil’s bondage of guilt/shame?


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