Crazy, Stupid Fear

I never knew that I could be convinced of doing something as beneficial as what I intend to and feel all these stupid unfound emotions.

I feel like shrinking and hiding, I feel scared

and overwhelmed. But this is funny because I am actually not doing anything to warrant these feelings. On the contrary, I am safe and cared for. I am a child of God, protected. I know the truth of God’s word is essentially what I need to be free.

You see, I know the devil is looking for a way to trap me in shame and fear. But I will not align myself with his thinking. I choose what the Word of God gives me.

I recently prayed for God to help me not to shy away from my God-given abilities. To accept myself. Even though I am having a hard time dealing with thoughts that lie to me saying that I am thinking too highly of myself, I know I will find a way to push through and accept my nature.

I am a humble person, but I like to dream big. Is that a reason to be trapped by the devil’s lies? So how do I express myself? I have to refuse the lies the devil tries to get into my mind. I know that I just have to do my best because God has given me the victory in Christ.

My best now is staying positive, happy and keeping the Word of God real to me. I refuse any condemnation. I will move through this. I know the devil is out to kill, steal and destroy. I know the devil wants to hurt me. But Christ has given me life and life abundant. I have the choice which one to align myself with.

I already have a new spirit in me. The spirit of a sound mind, love and yes, I dare say, power.

Why would the devil lead me to think that it is harmful for me to be ambitious? I am a kind person. No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper.

I will keep these truths, because they are my saving grace.

Dear God , help me overcome!


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