The Universe huh?!

I was reading a book from a very good author and really enjoying it until she got to the part about saying something how “the Universe” will respond to our need. You see, I am a skeptic about this Universe doctrine.

I remember a very long time ago when I first became conscious of eternal life and that it could either be in heaven or hell. I think that was when I made my first real prayer…” God if I have to die, don’t make it too sudden so I don’t have the chance to confesss my sins and come to heaven”.
Since then I have prayed to God for ALL important things in my life: major exams, etc. Prayed about my future. I believe God heard all those prayers, won’t it be wierd for me to get up one day and try to be modern and say “the Universe” gave me what I asked for?
From my understanding of the truth, the universe isn’t kind, the universe will not help anyone. The universe if it has the power has only power to destroy. In my opinion, what most people call the universe I call the world. The Bible has no good thing to say about the world. From it’s ruler who is intensely wicked: the devil to it’s ways which lead to death and also it’s wisdom which is actually foolishness.
Let us not fool ourselves, God is the one who will help you. Direct your prayers to Him and stop making wishful thinking and courting disaster by giving his glory to His creation. That energy could be used to pray to a kind and living God. That could just be the start of your faith journey. Don’t buy into an idea just because it is popular and people who hold sway are using it. Find the truth for yourself. My people perish for lack of knowledge says the Lord.


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