‘Being Mary Jane’ vs ‘War Room’ Food For Thought

war rmA while ago God started impressing on my heart to be careful about the kind of information I allow into my heart.

 I paid little attention to these promptings in my spirit. I asked a spiritual mentor of mine for advice but yet I still craved my time in fiction land.
I don’t claim there is anything wrong with entertainment. It is pleasurable, relaxing and takes our mind off serious issues. As a christian, we have a standard to live up to and we need all the tools we can get to push us upwards. The Bible tells us not to live like the world does but to be transformed by renewing our mind from a worldly to a spiritual mindset Romans 12:2. This is a constant and ongoing activity.
I don’t know about you but I tend to copy women I see who seem to have the kind of life that looks attractive. I pick up mentors, fictional and real from information that reaches me. I am attracted to women who have it together, women who are big, women whose stories are broadcasted and played up.
I like the way Carrie Bradshaw dresses, I love Olivia Pope’s confidence, I was pulled to something in Annalise Keating and Mary Jane Paul seemed perfect. The disadvantage is that these women have lifestyles which are wholly worldly and constantly paying attention to them may cause us to think it is okay to live like that.
In real life, there are consequences, real ones. But most of all, in christian living, we are to guard our hearts with all vigilance that is, to carefully look for possible dangers, threats, problems etc to our hearts for out of it comes the issues of our lives Proverbs 4:23. Why don’t we use the gift of being entertained to renew our minds?
A beautiful movie I watched is War Room. In it I saw a heroine so it fit the bill of my fictional cravings. What I want to point out are the things I copied from this movie after I finished watching it.
-I wanted to be led along by a more spiritually mature woman like the heroine was so I sought the friendship of a christian lady I followed on Social Media who was always loud about he love for God and her journey in the Lord. She regularly posted about her trials, triumphs and her faith in God on her social media. I am happy to say today I consider her a friend and someone I turn to for guidance/support in the race
-I got my own prayer closet. The movie impresses the importance of communing with God in a safe and quiet place Mathew 6:6. I copied how she started off (the heroine) not being perfect as a praying person but grew into a prayer warrior
-I encountered for the first time the idea that the devil can be chased away with our words when we know who we are.Now I recognise myself as a soldier, always in battle against the devil and his schemes so I keep myself ready and alert. I know the truth and I use it to keep the devil at bay
Last week I rewarded myself after a long day by watching that wonderful movie again. You see, I am very impressionable in such things so I rather repeat a good movie than risk taking wrong information into my mind in the form of entertainment.
I love movies. I wish there were more like the War Room. I wish christians are impressed to star in and produce movies that feed our spirits too. Join me in praying for this.
If you know of any such good movies, hook a sister up; drop a comment below. Tell me also about your experiences or struggles with worldly attractions and let us support each other.


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