Don’t Be A Victim of ‘BIBLE STUDY BLOCK’

For a few days now I have been unable to enjoy my bible study as I usually do. I feel like I am resenting

the commands of the Bible. Maybe the more I know of the truth, that is the reason why life seems harder?
I know God loves me, etc and all the promises. But I have been trying to study. Either I get so distracted that I feel I am simply wasting time or try to look for a more conducive time. I am after all, supposed to give the best part of my day to God!
Or I try to go to a quieter place, Jesus used to go out of the city to comune with God. Today I have gone around looking for empty churches where I can read the Bible, I have gone up a hill where it could be quieter only to meet a crowd and now I am home. The devil seems to be fighting me hard about this.
What is the solution to this? I will wait on God. I had prayed earnestly about this ability to find quiet time to pray because I had forseen it. I know He won’t let me fail


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